introduction of shaper machine

Shapers (Figure 1) have been used for many years to ... Shaper cutting speeds and feeds are dependent upon a number of factors, including: • the type of cutting tool • the type of material to be machined • the depth of cut required • the amount of feed Table 1 presents standard shaper cutting speeds and feeds when using HSS and carbide cutting tools to cut machine steel, tool steel, cast iron and brass. Principle and Working of SHAPER MACHINE - . During return, there is no cutting action and this stroke is called the idle stroke. The forward and return strokes constitute one operating cycle of the shaper. Construction: The main parts of the Shaper machine is Base, Body (Pillar, Frame, Column), Cross rail, Ram and tool head (Tool Post, Tool Slide, Clamper Box Block). The Shaping Machine and its Mechanism YouTube Video - Introduction to the Shaping Machine The shaping machine is used to machine flat metal surfaces especially where a large amount of metal has to be removed. Other machines such as milling machines are much more expensive and are more suited to removing smaller amounts of .    Read More