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Farouk Soliman - CEO, Mechanical Consultant ... Worked as General Manager for Mechanical Maintenance for Rolling Mill Coil and bar for Rolling Mill sections and Wire Mesh, Wire Drawings – Casting Shop, Erection for (4) Arc Furnace (Russian ... Gate Cross Export Pvt. Ltd. - turnkey projects of steel ... turnkey projects of steel plant, rolling mill and foundries, steel and alloy melting supply food materials, textile materials, metal scrap, billet & rebar, and chemicals Functions of Fly Shear Machine - Industry News - Xi'an ... Functions of Fly Shear Machine:. 1. Plc is controlling all the logical operations. 2. Rollers are running through DC servo motor.. 3. Rollers are pushing wire as a cutting material in forwarding direction.. 4. Shaft Encoder is attached with dc motor which counts the length of the wire    Read More